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This is a collection of new material along with remastered and revoiced songs from my earlier album "night city trax", released for the role playing game Cyberpunk, by RTalsorian.

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latest music

fantasy8 (3:57) new age (piano and synthesizers). it uses my yamaha s90, an alesis vintage synth qcard, and a cool custom sample heard at the end

music from the planet nibiru (3:43) sounds from another world and especially my custom synths. see the video below, like thousands already have!

cosmic awakening (6:31) journey through the universe to shimmering custom synth sounds layered on piano.
music video

widgetspace (7:19) some serious bent noise put together with Acid. bent sources, java synth loops, some s90, etc. just whacked.

journey into sound (1:44) uses circuit bent instrument loops, custom-built software synth loops, samples from an old record, and acid loops software. check out the cool video on youtube.

see the video - over 95,000 views
(4:57) mellow, ambient style. lead is the s90 with the pads and drums with backing parts being my own software-based fm synthesis sounds.

the asian crowd (4:38) you might call this new asia. my java synth (through burning loops to an alesis qcard) and the yamaha s90 are all it takes.

a minor fall (5:58) come on a late night space journey on the s90 and my java synth

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Erich Izdepski- writing, playing, synth/sample/midi programming, production

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And music videos. Over 100,000 views of my videos- you should check them out.

thanks to
Karen for sampled vocals on bioreactor and back cover photo

Mike Faulhaber for several samples on polis which led to its creation

Emmett Loverde for digital effects on cd booklet photo and using some tracks in a movie of his (Santa's Letters)

Mark Arsenault for the original idea that led to 'night city trax'

the recording gear
equipment has come and gone but here is the list i can remember: my own software synthesis programs for creating awesome custom samples, kawai k1, proteus 1, alesis qsr with vintage q card, yamaha s90, art quadra/fx, electric guitar with boss effects box, mackie 1202, ,sonar x3, sound forge xp, sony acid, an old mac for computer speech, tasman software synth.

and the latest gear is my homemade analog synth!

All music Copyright 2005, 2006 Erich Izdepski